Can You Use Nespresso Pods Twice?

Reusing Nespresso pods is common practice since it cuts down on expenses while also cutting down environmental plastic waste. When combined with the Nespresso recycling program, Nespresso pod reuse is a great way to be eco-conservative. The good news is that there are multiple ways in which you can reuse Nespresso capsules. Can you reuse … Read more

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

When making cold brew coffee, grind the beans coarsely for proper extraction. Finely-ground coffee will ‘over-extract’ due to the lengthy steeping time, resulting in bitter-tasting coffee. Avoid brewing methods like pour-over that require finely-ground coffee beans and stick to the correct ratio. Generally, for cold brew coffee, the balance should be 1 pound of coffee … Read more

Can You Buy Coffee With Food Stamps?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a government program that supports low-income Americans in purchasing food items using Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards. This monthly food program, previously known as food stamps, restricts what type of food items you can buy with the card. Coffee is one such item, whereby you can purchase packaged … Read more

Is It Ok To Have Coffee After Dinner?

Many coffee lovers often wonder whether drinking the beverage after dinner is okay. While there are some benefits to this dietary practice, it has some disadvantages too. Ultimately, the answer as to whether it’s good or bad to have coffee after dinner depends on factors like moderation, the kind of meal you had for dinner, … Read more

Does Cold Brew Need To Be Refrigerated

Cold brew coffee is a great beverage choice if you’re looking for a caffeine boost but don’t prefer hot drinks. You can use a pitcher and a filter, a French press, or a special cold brew coffee maker when brewing cold brew coffee. But does cold brew need to be refrigerated? After brewing, it’s best … Read more