How Do You Prime A Keurig (Step-By-Step)

Sometimes, you’ll notice your Keurig brewer showcasing a ‘prime’ alert. This usually occurs when water isn’t flowing efficiently through the machine. You can troubleshoot various components to clear the ‘prime’ error alert and resume normal water flow through the brewer. These include the base port, the water tank, the filter screen, the water tank port, … Read more

Nespresso Machine Not Pumping Water (Causes +Troubleshooting)

If your Nespresso machine isn’t pumping water, you’re experiencing an airlock problem. There are many possible reasons why this occurs. Proper troubleshooting allows you to apply the right fix to restore normal water flow and functionality inside your Nespresso coffee machine. Why is my Nespresso machine not pumping water? If your Nespresso machine isn’t pumping … Read more

Nespresso Machine Not Working: Reasons + Troubleshoot?

The Nespresso brand is renowned for making state-of-the-art coffee machines. However, like any other appliance, these brewers can develop problems and stop working. To correctly fix this issue, you need to know the possible causes of the problem. Why is my Nespresso machine not working? If your Nespresso coffee maker is not working, there’s likely … Read more

Can You Use Nespresso Pods Twice?

Reusing Nespresso pods is common practice since it cuts down on expenses while also cutting down environmental plastic waste. When combined with the Nespresso recycling program, Nespresso pod reuse is a great way to be eco-conservative. The good news is that there are multiple ways in which you can reuse Nespresso capsules. Can you reuse … Read more

My Delonghi Coffee Machine Won’t Froth the Milk (Causes + Fixes)

The automatic frothing function on Delonghi espresso machines makes it easier to brew cappuccinos, lattes, and other milk-based coffee drinks. However, this component can, at times, develop defects, thus preventing the formation of milk froth/foam. To fix milk frothing failure on your Delonghi brewer, you need to know the various causes that may lead to … Read more