Delonghi Espresso Machine Issues? +Troubleshooting

Delonghi espresso machines are an excellent tool for making great-tasting espresso drinks without having to heat and froth your milk separately. However, just like other brands of beverage brewers, these machines can sometimes pose varying problems to users. You should be aware of these common Delonghi espresso machine issues and how to troubleshoot/fix them.

Delonghi espresso problems +fixes?

Delonghi Espresso Machine Issues, trouble shooting and their fixes?

Here are the most common problems with Delonghi espresso machines:

i.              Delonghi is making too much noise

ii.             Delonghi dispenses inconsistent brews (weak/too strong)

iii.            Delonghi leaks water

iv.           Delonghi won’t brew

v.            Delonghi won’t heat or froth the milk

vi.           Delonghi not pumping water

vii.          Delonghi ‘descale’ indicator won’t turn off

viii.         Delonghi infuser is stuck

Delonghi espresso machine making excessive noise

Though not as serious a problem as the others on this list, a Delonghi coffee machine that makes too much noise can be frustrating. The extreme noise is usually caused by the vibration of the machine’s components. Another cause is a poorly-installed water tank.

Note: Coffee machines typically make some noise, and it’s impossible to make them quiet. However, you can minimize the level of noise.

Delonghi machine dispensing a weak/excessively strong brew

More often than not, problems related to the brew strength aren’t caused by the Delonghi brewer itself. The most likely reason is that you’re using the wrong grind type or coffee grounds for espresso drinks. However, if you’ve fixed the above minor issues and your Delonghi espresso is still weak or too strong, it’s possible that the filter is dirty or the water line is blocked.

Delonghi espresso maker leaking

There are times when your Delonghi unit will start spurting out water, causing a mess all over your countertop. This problem is usually caused by not installing the water tank correctly. The connection may be blocked if the tank isn’t properly seated or hasn’t clicked into position.

Note: the Delonghi unit can also leak at the portafilter if the steam ring gasket is worn out.

Delonghi coffee machine won’t brew

If your Delonghi coffee machine doesn’t brew, the cause could be something as simple as the brewer unit not being plugged in or insufficient water levels in the tank. It could also be that the filter basket isn’t adequately seated inside the holder, or the carafe is loosely seated on the warming plate.  

Failure to brew can also be caused by a more severe problem: a clogged brew head. This part of the espresso machine lets water into the coffee and has filter baskets. If these baskets get clogged, your Delonghi will brew half cups or won’t brew any espresso.

Note: A Delonghi coffee maker may also fail to dispense espresso if the grinder is defective.

Delonghi espresso machine won’t froth/heat the milk

If your milk is not creamy/frothy enough, the milk line is likely dirty. Meanwhile, the most probable cause is a dirty steam wand or if the milk doesn’t properly heat up.

Delonghi espresso machine not pumping water

Whenever the water reservoir on your Delonghi espresso machine isn’t correctly seated, there’s a high chance that it won’t pump water. The misplacement causes air bubbles to form and block the waterline. Failure to pump water can also be caused by limescale buildup inside the water tank.

Delonghi descale light won’t turn off.

Sometimes, you’ll realize that the ‘descale’ light on your Delonghi espresso machine won’t turn off even after descaling the machine. The most likely reason is that you haven’t followed the proper descaling procedure, thus, preventing the machine from resetting the descale light/message.

Delonghi espresso machine infuser is stuck.

The infuser/brew unit in your Delonghi espresso maker is where the used coffee packs go to. There was probably a power interruption if this component is stuck during a brew cycle. This issue can also be caused by other process interruptions or opening parts of the machine at the wrong time.

Troubleshoot /fix Delonghi espresso problems

To troubleshoot/fix the common Delonghi espresso machine problems detailed in the previous section, consider the following:

  1. Resetting the infuser
  2. Cleaning the steam wand
  3. Descaling the unit
  4. Unclogging the brew head
  5. Correctly positioning the water reservoir
  6. Replacing the steam ring gasket

Reset the infuser back into the correct position

To reset the infuser if it’s stuck, follow the procedure detailed below:

i. Set the grounds bin and the drip tray in position.

ii. Push the infuser back into position, making sure the red buttons aren’t pressed in.

iii. Finally, unplug the Delonghi espresso machine from the wall outlet for about half a minute before plugging it back in and powering it. Doing so should reset the infuser.

Note: If the Delonghi unit still doesn’t reset and remains stuck after the above procedure, consider taking it to a Delonghi-approved service center for help.

Clean the steam wand

To fix a Delonghi machine that’s not heating ilk to the right temperature, clean the steam wand. Soak the steam wand inside a glass containing hot water for 10-15 seconds. You can also prevent debris buildup inside the steam wand by purging it after every use.

Descale the machine using the right method

Descaling helps unclog your Delonghi machine for better functionality and triggers the descale indicator light to turn itself off. Thus, to ensure the ‘descale’ signal turns off, you must descale as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Descaling/decalcifying a Delonghi machine usually involves flushing the internal components with a descaling solution to dissolve the lime buildup. Delonghi usually has its descaling solution, but you can use vinegar as an alternative.

Unclog the brew head

If your Delonghi espresso unit doesn’t brew due to a clogged brew head, you need to unclog this component to let water pass through the coffee grounds. Delonghi usually includes a pin tool for unclogging such parts inside the product packaging. If you’ve misplaced the pin, you can use a straightened paper clip or safety pin as an alternative.

Meanwhile, if a faulty grinder is causing the issue, check if the Delonghi unit is still under warranty coverage and have them replace this component for you. The grinder is not a repairable part.

Correctly set the water reservoir.

To fox a Delonghi machine that’s not pumping water, you must ensure that the water tank is correctly seated. Remove, empty, clean, and refill the tank before replacing it in its compartment. Then, restart the machine and remove air bubbles blocking the water passages.

After dispensing 2-3 cups of water from the Delonghi unit, you should have eliminated any air bubbles present in the machine. If the water still isn’t pumping at this point, limescale buildup is the most likely issue, and you should descale the unit.

Replace the steam ring gasket

If your Delonghi espresso brewer leaks at the portafilter, you need to replace the worn-out steam ring gasket with a new one. To access the rubber steam ring gasket, lower the shower screen, then remove the gasket using a screwdriver.  

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