Does Coffee Need to be Refrigerated?

Mornings are not perfect for most people without a cup of coffee. The aroma and various tastes in it awaken your spirits. It may be why people make a large quantity to have it ready any time of the day. However, some people may not have enough time to brew coffee in the morning and wonder if you can brew a large amount at once and keep it refrigerated.  

Coffee doesn’t necessarily need to be refrigerated. However, you can keep coffee in the refrigerator to keep it fresh for as long as four days without losing its taste. You’ll need to store your coffee in an airtight glass container. However, it might taste different after a week of refrigerator storage.

Does brewed coffee need to be refrigerated?

Brewed coffee does not need to be refrigerated. However, refrigerating brewed coffee doesn’t hurt. It keeps it drinkable for a few more days after brewing.

Coffee is delicious, especially when it still has its aroma. It hits all the right spots 15-20 minutes fresh out of the coffee pot. After that, sweetened or flavored coffee may have a different taste.

However, its safe to preserve your coffee in the refrigerator. You can brew as much coffee as you wish.

Here are some guidelines to follow when refrigerating brewed coffee.

  • It’s best to refrigerate unsweetened black coffee. It does not lose its taste even after reheating.
  • Use a glass container with a lid to store. Airtight glass containers prevent your coffee from getting contaminated with different smells. Glass containers are easy to clean and do not retain odor.
  • Avoid plastic containers. Plastic containers retain the odor of coffee, and you may be forced to separate them from other storage containers. Additionally, they might release chemicals that might change the taste of refrigerated coffee.
  • Stainless steel is not ideal for long-term coffee refrigeration. While most people use it to store brewed coffee, the metallic taste can spill into the coffee if you refrigerate it in stainless steel cups for long.
  • Use hot water and soap to wash before pouring your coffee for storage.

How long can brewed coffee stay in the refrigerator?

Refrigerated brewed coffee can safely stay in the fridge for one week. However, it is recommended you consume it in 3-4 days. It loses its taste and flavor if you leave it for more than a week.

Also, reheat refrigerated coffee on low to medium to avoid losing much of the taste. Controlling the temperature control plays a big part in retaining its flavor. Boiling the coffee gives it a charred flavor. Only heat it until it starts to steam.

How long does the brewed coffee with milk stay in the refrigerator?

Brewed coffee with milk can only stay in the refrigerator for two days. It might not taste the same, though. You can reheat brewed coffee with milk after two days of refrigeration and avoid getting any bacterial mishaps.

However, it is best to drink your brewed coffee with milk immediately after you brew it.

Leaving brewed coffee with milk at room temperature drastically reduces its shelf life and taste since milk starts to go bad when it’s exposed to warmth.

Also, coffee with milk has a shorter shelf life if the beverage is sweetened.

What can I do with leftover coffee?

Coffee left out in the open for too long might lose taste and flavor. You have to fix a fresh pot. However, you don’t have to dump out leftover coffee. It has plenty of practical uses around the house. You can use it in the kitchen as an ingredient for gardening or personal body care.


You can use your leftover coffee for baking your favorite baked treats.

For example, use coffee as a substitute for water in baking a chocolate cake. The milk and coffee pairing will give your cake a unique twist. Coffee enhances the chocolate without overwhelming the taste.

Ice cubes

Use your leftover coffee to make ice cubes. You can use the ice cubes to flavor your cup of coffee or in alcoholic cocktails. Coffee ice cubes might also go great with mocktails and health juices.

Smoothie flavoring

Add bananas, oats, and flax seeds to make a coffee smoothie. Mix with your leftover coffee and get a perfect smoothie to kick start your day. In fact, it is a great pre-workout mixer.

As a meat marinade

Coffee’s acidity breaks down meats and enhances the flavors, too. Mix a cup of coffee with brown sugar, rosemary, garlic, salt, and pepper to marinate your favorite meat cuts or tofu. Pour on your meat or tofu and leave it for six hours or overnight.


Coffee adds acidity to the soil. You can use leftover coffee to correct the alkaline pH. However,  avoid using it daily since the soil may become too acidic. Overly acidic soils will cause yellowing of the plant’s leaves. Do not use coffee that has milk or cream, as this may attract pests.

Wood staining

Coffee has a nice brown you can use to stain untreated wood. This is best done with dark roast coffee since it has a darker shade that enhances the stain.

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