Nespresso Machine Leaking (Causes + Ways To Fix Leaks?)

Nespresso coffee machines are some of the most reliable on the market. However, they sometimes develop leakage problems due to various causes. If your Nespresso brewer is leaking water or coffee, you need to find out the cause of the leak to fix it correctly.

Why is my Nespresso leaking?

If your espresso machine is leaking at the bottom, from the side, or at the front by the capsule holder, it’s usually due to one or a combination of the following issues:

i.   Internal blockage

ii. Nozzle obstruction

iii. Clogged capsule holder

iv. Defective capsules

v.  Leakage at the base of the water tank

vi. Leaking thermoblock

vii. Damaged internal pipework

Internal blockage

The water used for brewing coffee contains minerals that gradually cause limescale buildup inside Nespresso machines. The limescale causes clogs and internal blockage that impedes the machine’s water flow, resulting in water leakage. You may also notice a change in the taste of your coffee due to the excessive limescale.

Obstructed nozzle

Whenever you make coffee, some coffee grounds residue remains on the nozzle. Eventually, this residue builds up and clogs the nozzle, ultimately affecting water flow and pressure inside the pipe. As a result, no coffee comes out through the outlet but leaks out through other parts of the brewer instead.

Debris buildup inside the capsule holder

One common cause of Nespresso leakage is that the internal parts of the capsule holder are clogged up with gunk. This dirt that builds up on the piercing plate means you can’t pierce the capsule. The resulting back pressure causes the coffee machine to leak water through the pod holder.

Defective pods

Some reusable capsules and 3rd party coffee pods may not be compatible with the capsule mechanism of your Nespresso brewer. If the pods aren’t the right size, leakage may occur.

Water tank leakage

If the valve at the base of the water reservoir is damaged, your Nespresso machine is likely to leak at the bottom. You’ll notice water droplets/puddles forming on the countertop below once you start the machine.

Leaking thermoblock

A leakage on the Nespresso machine’s heating element, known as the thermoblock, may also cause it to leak at the bottom.

Damaged pipework

High heating temperatures inside the thermoblock cause the metal to expand and contract after cooling down. As a result, the pipework and seals may degrade.

Leaky Nespresso coffee fixes?

To fix a Nespresso coffee machine that’s leaking from the bottom or through the capsule holder, consider the following:

i. Descaling the brewer

ii. Unclogging the nozzle/capsule holder

iii. Switching to genuine Nespresso coffee pods

iv. Replacing the water tank

v. Contacting the Nespresso support team

Descale the brewer

For leakage caused by blockage, you need to descale your Nespresso coffee maker to get rid of the limescale causing the blockage. The official Nespresso descaling solution kit is recommended since it’s compatible with all Nespresso coffee makers.

Add the descaling solution and water to the tank and run a few descaling cycles. Afterward, run a rinse cycle with only fresh water to remove the residual descaling solution. After descaling your Nespresso and stopping the leakage, you can prevent the issue from reoccurring by always descaling the brewer at the scheduled periods.

According to Nespresso, you should descale their brewers once every three months or after brewing 300 pods. Meanwhile, if you use hard water with more calcium, you should descale more often.

Unclog the nozzle

If the gunk causing the blocking and leakage is on the nozzle, use a straightened paper clip or a needle to clear the buildup.

Unclog the capsule holder

If the leakage is due to a clogged capsule holder, get rid of the buildup by cleaning the holder using an old toothbrush and hot soapy water. For excessive buildup, use a wire brush in place of the toothbrush. Once you’ve loosened the gunk, run a hot water cycle to clear it out.

Switch to genuine Nespresso pods

Use original Nespresso coffee pods if you suspect the leakage is due to third-party pods/reusable capsules.

Replace the water tank

If water is coming out of the bottom of your Nespresso, you need to troubleshoot if the rubber valve seal at the bottom of the water tank is broken and replace the tank if this is the case. After removing and emptying the water reservoir, flip it upside down and check for any visible cracks.

If there are no cracks, fill the tank with water and position it atop some paper towels. Let it sit for a few hours before checking the paper towels for dampness. If they’re wet, the water tank valve seal is broken/loose, and you need to replace the tank. Ensure the replacement tank you plan to purchase is compatible with your Nespresso brewer. Alternatively, you can contact Nespresso for help with the same.

Contact Nespresso support

If you suspect that the leakage issue on your Nespresso brewer is a result of damage to the internal components, such as the thermoblock or the internal pipework, contact the Nespresso support team for repair or replacement.

However, remember Nespresso will only repair or replace the brewer/brewer components if it’s still under warranty coverage. If you’ve voided your warranty, such as by using vinegar to descale instead of the Nespresso descaling kit, you’ll be ineligible for free repairs and replacement. Still, you can seek the help of a third-party appliance technician.


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