Best Espresso K-Cups

If you have an espresso machine that’s K-Cup compatible, you’re probably wondering which types of K-Cups are best for you. K-Cups vary in terms of factors such as flavor, cost, environmental impact, and overall coffee quality. By considering such factors when purchasing, you’ll be able to find the best espresso K-Cups for you. 6 Best … Read more

Can Keurig Make Espresso

Espresso is a type of coffee drink made using special types of brewers. It’s not easy to make espresso using single-serve, drip coffee machines like Keurigs. However, with the right kind of Keurig model and the right brewing procedure, you can make espresso using a Keurig. Does Keurig make espresso? Espresso is made by passing … Read more

Coffee Processing Methods; Which Is Better?

Several factors affect how your coffee tastes, and one of the most significant of these factors is the manner in which the coffee is processed. While the end result in coffee processing is usually to separate the beans from the outer layers, the method used has a huge impact on the quality of the beverage. … Read more

Delonghi Espresso Machine Issues? +Troubleshooting

Delonghi espresso machines are an excellent tool for making great-tasting espresso drinks without having to heat and froth your milk separately. However, just like other brands of beverage brewers, these machines can sometimes pose varying problems to users. You should be aware of these common Delonghi espresso machine issues and how to troubleshoot/fix them. Delonghi … Read more

Skinny Latte vs Latte; Which is Better?

skinny latte vs latte

Latte and skinny latte are both espresso beverages that are made using milk. However, the difference mainly lies in the type of milk used and the overall calorie content. Ultimately, the better drink between the two depends on your palate/personal preferences. What is a latte? A latte, or café latte, is a coffee-based beverage that’s … Read more

How to Clean Keurig Needle

When your Keurig coffee machine starts to leak or spit out coffee grounds, it could be a pointer towards clogged/dirty needles. The Keurig brand includes a special tool that you can use to clean and unclog the needles as part of the product package. And even if you lose, there are other ways to clean … Read more

Can You Put Milk in a Keurig?

Adding milk to your Keurig coffee maker may seem like a time-saving idea on those lazy days when you’re looking to make a quick latte or cappuccino. However, milk residue can negatively affect the quality of subsequent brews; while also potentially reducing the efficiency of your machine and limiting its lifespan. Adding milk to your … Read more