Nespresso Machine Not Working: Reasons + Troubleshoot?

The Nespresso brand is renowned for making state-of-the-art coffee machines. However, like any other appliance, these brewers can develop problems and stop working. To correctly fix this issue, you need to know the possible causes of the problem.

Why is my Nespresso machine not working?

If your Nespresso coffee maker is not working, there’s likely limescale build-up inside the brewer, and it needs to be descaled. Limescale clogs the internal workings of the Nespresso brewer and can cause the brewer to malfunction or change the flavor of your coffee.

Another possible reason why your Nespresso machine won’t brew is that you accidentally changed the default pour settings, and you need to reset it to factory settings. If your brewer is malfunctioning and the alert lights are flashing, a factory reset can restore it to normal functionality.

An airlock can also cause an espresso brewer to malfunction. This happens when you haven’t used the coffee maker for a long time or if you’ve inadvertently run it while the water tank is empty. As such, air bubbles are formed, hindering optimal water flow.

Finally, defects within the heating elements of your Nespresso coffee maker can also cause it to stop working. These parts include the switch, the thermal fuse, the thermostat, the thermistor, and the control board.

Why won’t my Nespresso machine turn on? 

If your Nespresso coffee machine won’t turn on, it could be due to a malfunction in any of the following parts: the switch, the thermostat, the fuse, the sensor, and the control board.

  • The switch –  a worn-out power switch can cause startup failure in a Nespresso coffee machine
  • The thermostat- an espresso machine may fail to turn on if the thermostat is faulty and is blocking power flow through one of the heating elements
  • The fuse- if the thermal fuse is faulty and does not conduct, your Nespresso brewer may fail to turn on
  • The sensor- your Nespresso machine will not heat if the sensor, also known as the thermistor, is defective
  • The control board- if the control board is broken, other components of your Nespresso machine, such as the solenoid valve, will not function, and the brewer will not turn on

How to fix Nespresso machine (Nespresso troubleshooting)

You can fix a Nespresso machine that’s not working in the following ways:

  • Descaling the machine
  • Resetting the machine
  • Clearing the airlock issue
  • Getting professional help

Descaling a Nespresso machine

To properly get rid of limescale buildup inside your Nespresso coffee maker, follow the procedure detailed below

  • Only use the Nespresso descaling solution kit to descale your Nespresso brewer. Avoid using vinegar as a descaling solution, as it can cause irreversible damage to the internal parts of your coffee machine. 
  • Remove the water reservoir and the drip tray and empty both. Then, detach the filter from the water tank.
  • Add fresh water and one of the Nespresso descaling solution kits to the water tank (the pack comes with 2 descaling kits). Then, place an empty 1-liter jar underneath the outlet spout.
  • Power up the Nespresso brewer and enter descale mode. Note that each Nespresso model has a different process for activating the descale cycle. Therefore, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular model. Once the descale cycle begins, the water-descale solution mix flows out via the outlet spout.
  • Once the descale cycle is complete, empty the 1-liter collecting jar and return it below the outlet spout.
  • Next, remove and empty the water tank. Then, fill it with fresh water up to the maximum fill line.
  • Run a water-only rinse cycle to get rid of the residual descaling solution. This step is important as the leftover descaling agent might affect the taste of your coffee. Run at least two rinse cycles to ensure you get rid of all the residue. 
  • Once done, exit the descaling mode. Take note that some Nespresso models will do this automatically by shutting off. The machine should now be clean and ready to brew again. 

Restoring the default Nespresso settings

Performing a factory reset can clear a Nespresso error causing the machine to not work. The procedure for restoring the default power settings differs for every Nespresso model. Therefore, refer to the user manual for your particular model to reset it. 

Clearing a Nespresso machine air lock issue

To troubleshoot an espresso machine airlock, run the machine and listen for a loud noise from the pump as the water flows through the air bubbles. Also, look for air bubbles in the water that comes out.

To clear the airlock on a Nespresso brewer, run a water-only cycle by following the steps details below:

  • Remove the water tank and fill it with fresh water up to the maximum fill line.
  • Power up the Nespresso brewer and eject any used pods.
  • Once the brewer has warmed up, press the brew button. At this point, the pump will begin to make noise. 
  • Check the pod holder. If there’s steam or water, you’ve successfully cleared the airlock. If not, you’ll have to repeat the water-only cycle multiple times. Sometimes, it takes up to 10 attempts.

Getting Professional Help

For problems related to the internal heating elements of your Nespresso brewer, it’s best to get a professional appliance repair technician for safe and quality repair/replacement of the faulty part(s).

Note: If the machine is still under warranty coverage, contact the Nespresso support team, as they won’t charge you for repairs/replacement.

Can Nespresso get clogged?

Nespresso brewers get clogged by limescale from hard water, coffee grounds, and external dirt/gunk.

Does Nespresso repair machines for free?

Nespresso offers free machine repair services so long as the 2-year warranty period hasn’t yet elapsed. 

How long are Nespresso machines guaranteed for?

The Nespresso brand offers a 2-year warranty on all their coffee machines. You can, therefore, seek free repairs and replacements within this period. However, you must show proof of purchase for your warranty claim to be deemed valid.

How long do Nespresso machines last?

Nespresso coffee machines have a 5-10 year lifespan. These brewing machines last longer if kept clean and well-maintained.

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