8 Best Coffee Creamer Alternatives

Coffee creamer enhances coffee’s taste, richness, and mouthfeel. However, most creamers aren’t usually as creamy, sweet, or healthy as consumers may prefer. The best coffee creamer alternatives are those that either beat creamer in terms of texture and flavor or are healthier than creamer. Heavy cream and half-and-half are creamier and thicker than coffee creamer. … Read more

How Much Creamer and Sugar To Put In Coffee

Most people prefer milk or whipped cream when building upon coffee drinks’ richness, texture, and mouthfeel. However, coffee creamer is just as good an alternative, but how much creamer and sugar to put in a cup of coffee? Coffee creamer may contain sweeteners and flavor additives that enrich the taste of coffee. Most are also … Read more

Can You Whip Coffee Creamer

Whipped cream is a luxurious beverage topping characterized by its thick, frothy texture and warm mouthfeel. To achieve this texture, heavy cream is usually used as the base. However, if you don’t have heavy cream, you can use coffee creamer as a substitute. To whip coffee creamer correctly, add powdered sugar and flavor at the … Read more

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

When making cold brew coffee, grind the beans coarsely for proper extraction. Finely-ground coffee will ‘over-extract’ due to the lengthy steeping time, resulting in bitter-tasting coffee. Avoid brewing methods like pour-over that require finely-ground coffee beans and stick to the correct ratio. Generally, for cold brew coffee, the balance should be 1 pound of coffee … Read more

Is It Ok To Have Coffee After Dinner?

Many coffee lovers often wonder whether drinking the beverage after dinner is okay. While there are some benefits to this dietary practice, it has some disadvantages too. Ultimately, the answer as to whether it’s good or bad to have coffee after dinner depends on factors like moderation, the kind of meal you had for dinner, … Read more

Does Cold Brew Need To Be Refrigerated

Cold brew coffee is a great beverage choice if you’re looking for a caffeine boost but don’t prefer hot drinks. You can use a pitcher and a filter, a French press, or a special cold brew coffee maker when brewing cold brew coffee. But does cold brew need to be refrigerated? After brewing, it’s best … Read more

Does Dunkin Have Chai Tea?

Over the years, Dunkin Donuts’ has slowly added variety to its beverage menu. One of their popular fall beverage offerings is the chai tea latte. If you’re a chai tea fan, knowledge of this drink’s ingredients and caffeine content will help you know whether it’s for you or not. Does Dunkin chai latte have caffeine? … Read more

What is Gran Lungo? Gran Lungo Meaning

The wide range of pod options for Nespresso coffee lovers can sometimes be confusing. There’s much to choose from single/double espresso pods to Lungo/Gran Lungo pods. Before trying out the Nespresso Gran Lungo, you should consider its size, caffeine content, flavor profile, and amount of crema it produces. What does Nespresso Lungo or Gran Lungo … Read more