How to Turn off Auto off on Keurig

It can be quite frustrating when your Keurig keeps turning off automatically a few minutes after the last brew. Even worse is when you’re dying for a cup of coffee but your Keurig keeps turning itself off mid-brew. Both of these auto turn-off issues can be fixed using various methods and strategies.

Why does my Keurig keep turning itself off?

To save on the amount of energy consumed and reduce the risk of electrical fires, all Keurig models are designed to automatically turn off after some time. For some Keurig models, the unit will automatically turn off after 5 minutes; while some turn off after two hours.

If your Keurig keeps turning itself off, it means that you haven’t disabled the auto-off feature.

How to disable auto off feature on Keurig

There’s no universal method for turning the auto-off feature on Keurig coffee makers, as each model has a different procedure for disabling this energy-saving and safety function.

Disabling ‘Auto Off’ on Keurig K- Select

  1. Turn off the brewer by pressing the power button, but leave it plugged in.
  2. Next, simultaneously press down and hold both the ‘10oz. Mug’ and the ‘Strong’ buttons until the ‘auto off’ light goes off. This usually takes about three seconds.
  3. Turn the brewer on again and check if the green ‘auto off’ light has been disabled.

Disabling ‘Auto Off’ on Keurig K- Elite

To reduce energy consumption, Keurig K-Elite models automatically power off after two hours. You can turn off this feature by following the procedure below:

  1. Press the ‘settings’ button.
  2. Navigate to the ‘auto off’ option, which is denoted by a moon icon.
  3. Use the up and down functions to turn off this option. You should no longer be able to see the moon icon on your display screen once this is done.

Disabling ‘Auto Off’ on Keurig K- Café

Keurig K-Café models are also designed to shut themselves down 2 hours after the last brew, a function that can be disabled by following the steps below:

  1. Power off the brewer by pressing the power button, but leave it plugged into the wall outlet.
  2. Next, simultaneously press and hold both the ‘Strong’ and the ‘10oz. Mug’ buttons for about three seconds until the green ‘auto off’ light stops illuminating.
  3. Power the brewer back on and check to see if the ‘auto off’ light has been disabled.

Disabling ‘Auto Off’ on Keurig K- Supreme Plus

The Keurig K-Supreme model is one of those models that’s designed to automatically shut off only five minutes after the last brew. Owners have no option for turning this feature off. The only fix is to power your brewer back on.

Disabling ‘Auto Off’ on Keurig K- Mini/ K-Duo/ K- Duo Plus

The Keurig K- Mini is designed to shut itself off 90 seconds after the last brew. And just like in the case of the Keurig K-Supreme Plus, you cannot turn off the auto-off feature on this Keurig model. Note that the auto-off function can only be disabled on certain Keurig models, but not all.

For instance, both the Keurig K-Duo and the Keurig K-Duo Plus models are designed to automatically power off five minutes after the last brew. Just as in the case of the Keurig K- Mini, you cannot disable this feature on either of these Keurig models.

Note: Keurig models whose auto-off time is five minutes or shorter usually have the ‘auto off’ as a permanent feature that can’t be disabled. However, Keurig models whose auto-off time is 2 hours have this feature as an option that can be disabled.

Why does my Keurig turn off mid brew?

We’ve looked at Keurig coffee makers automatically turning off some minutes or hours after the last brew, but what about Keurigs that turn off mid-brew? Well, this could be a pointer towards a totally different kind of problem. The most likely issue is a misplaced reservoir magnet.

Dislodged Reservoir Magnet

Keurig brewers have a magnet inside the water reservoir that detects water levels inside the tank and indicates that it’s time to refill. Sometimes, as the coffee machine vibrates while brewing, this magnet can shift out of position. This causes the brewer to automatically turn itself off mid-brew.

To fix this issue, remove the water tank before replacing it in the correct position. Finally, power your brewer back on and brew to check if the problem is gone.

K- Cup Puncture Failure

If the reservoir magnet has been correctly positioned but the Keurig brewer is still turning off by itself mid-brew, it could be due to the K- Cup not being punctured. This happens when you’re using K-Cup pod that’s too thick, or puncture needle below the K- Cup is bent.

The puncture needle creates a hole at the bottom of the K-Cup to allow hot water to flow out of the K- Cup pod as it’s injected into the pod from the top. Whenever puncture failure occurs, there’s bound to be an overflow as water keeps being injected from the top without an escape route. To prevent this, the unit automatically turns off mid-brew.

Note: Milk-based K- Cup flavors like lattes and cappuccinos tend to have a thicker/harder cover than the rest, and are the most common cause of auto-shutdown due to partially punctured or unpunctured pods.

To fix this issue, you can manually puncture the bottom of your K- Cup or re-straighten the puncture needle using a pair of pliers. If you notice that certain flavors are harder to puncture, consider trying out other K- Cup flavors instead.

Tightly- Packed Coffee Pods

If you’re using third-party coffee pods instead of genuine K- Cup pods, this could be the reason why your brewer is turning itself off mid-brew. Some brands produce low-quality coffee pods that are packed too tight, inhibiting water from escaping out the pod through the punctured hole at the bottom.

When this happens, the water backs up and the machine automatically powers off to prevent overflow. To stop this problem, try using genuine K- Cup pods, as the brand packs the coffee grounds loose enough to allow water to pass through and escape out the bottom of the K- Cup.

Faulty Air Pump

The mini-pump inside your brewer generates air pressure to force water through the K- Cup pod. If this component is faulty, water won’t be effectively pushed through the K- Cup pod, triggering auto-shutdown mid-brew. If this is the problem with your Keurig, you’ll have to purchase a replacement mini-pump.

Note: Replacing the mini-pump takes some skill. Thus, you should consider hiring a service technician to do the job for you if you can afford it.

Where is the reset button on my Keurig?

There are times where all components of the Keurig are functioning perfectly but the brewer still turns off mid-brew. This could be due to a glitch in Keurig’s control board. If this happens, you need to reset the Keurig unit.

Unfortunately, Keurig brewers don’t come with a reset button or switch. A simple reset that involves unplugging the machine and plugging it back in after a couple of hours may work. More advanced resetting procedures are also available but differ depending on the type of Keurig model you have.

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