What is Gran Lungo? Gran Lungo Meaning

The wide range of pod options for Nespresso coffee lovers can sometimes be confusing. There’s much to choose from single/double espresso pods to Lungo/Gran Lungo pods. Before trying out the Nespresso Gran Lungo, you should consider its size, caffeine content, flavor profile, and amount of crema it produces.

What does Nespresso Lungo or Gran Lungo mean?

The Nespresso Gran Lungo is a coffee pod compatible with the Nespresso Vertuo line espresso machine. A single Nespresso Gran Lungo capsule brews a 5-ounce espresso beverage. This is way more than the normal espresso pod used on Original line Nespresso brewers, hence the name ‘Gran Lungo’.

The Nespresso Lungo pods are also used on the Original Line Nespresso machines. A single Nespresso Lungo pod brews a 3.75-ounce drink.

NB: ‘Lungo’ means ‘long’ in Italian. Therefore, the name ‘Gran Lungo’ refers to how the amount of time it takes to pull the beverage from the pod.

How big is Gran Lungo Coffees?

A single espresso pod only brews a 1.35-ounce drink, while a double espresso pod only brews a 2.7-ounce drink. Moreover, a Nespresso Gran Lungo pod is brewed using more water than a single or double Nespresso pod. Therefore, with a 5-ounce Gran Lungo pod, you get more volume than someone that’s brewing on an Original line Nespresso machine.

Note: Nespresso also offers the Nespresso Lungo coffee capsule, which contains about 77-89mg of caffeine

Is there a difference between Espresso and Gran Lungo?

Regular espresso brewed on an Original line Nespresso brewer, and a Gran Lungo brewed on a Nespresso Vertuo line brewer have slightly different tastes. A Gran Lungo pod has a larger volume than a regular espresso pod and is also brewed using more water. As a result, a Gran Lungo drink has a less intense taste than a traditional Nespresso espresso.

Take note, though, that there are 6 different types of Nespresso Vertuo Gran Lungo coffee pods you can choose from. Some of these, such as ‘Fortado Decaffeinato’ and ‘Fortado’, have an intense and full-bodied flavor profile, thus tasting much like a regular Nespresso brew.

Gran Lungo pods also contain more caffeine than regular espresso, resulting in a bitterer brew with smoky undertones. A single Gran Lungo pod contains 120-200 mg of caffeine. By comparison, an Original Line Nespresso espresso capsule only has 60mg of caffeine.

The Gran Lungo also has a longer extraction time, which adds to the bitterness as the coffee grounds are soaked for longer. A normal espresso has an 18-30 second pull time, whereas it takes up to a minute to extract Gran Lungo coffee grounds.

The longer pull time also adds to the higher caffeine content in a Gran Lungo beverage, as there is more ground coffee in the shot. A Gran Lungo shot has 3 parts, while a regular espresso shot has 2 parts.

Another notable difference is that a real espresso has a thick crema with a syrupy texture, while the crema produced by Nespresso Gran Lungo pods is thin and concentrated. Not only is a Gran Lungo less creamy than a real espresso, but it’s also less aromatic despite its strong flavor.

What’s the difference between Gran Lungo and Double Espresso?

A Gran Lungo is larger in size than a double espresso since the former is brewed using more water and has a longer pull time. Their flavor profiles are different, too, as a Gran Lungo is milder than a double espresso.

The Nespresso Vertuo Line double espresso capsule brews 2.7 ounces, while the Gran Lungo brews 5.07 ounces. A Gran Lungo drink is also less creamy than a regular double espresso.

Both Gran Lungo and double espresso pods are great for making regular espresso drinks. However, when it comes to making specialized espresso drinks, you should only use double espresso capsules. Gran Lungo pods aren’t recommended for making lattes, cappuccinos, or Americanos. That’s because there’ll be too much water in the drinks, and the espresso will be too diluted.

Finally, Gran Lungo pods are only compatible with Nespresso Vertuoline machines, while Nespresso espresso pods are available for both Original Line and VertuoLine Nespresso brewers.


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