Keurig Frother Not Working? Reasons + Fixes

Keurig espresso machines make it easy to brew a cup of cappuccino due to the inbuilt milk frother. However, users are sometimes left frustrated when the frother just won’t work or won’t produce any foam even when working. There are several reasons your milk frother may be faulty, and the proper fix depends on knowing … Read more

Is There Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate?

Though beloved by many, original, unflavored coffee can be too intense for some due to its acidic and bitter notes. This is why more and more coffee lovers are taking to coffee drinks that taste like chocolate. The cacao/caramel flavors in chocolate-flavored coffee mask the bitter taste of pure coffee while adding delightfully nutty, full-bodied … Read more

What Happens If You Drink Expired Coffee?

can i drink expired coffee?

Coffee is a popular beverage due to its intense taste and stimulating effects. However, what is one to do when they realize their stored coffee is past its expiration date, just when they need a brew? Should they toss the coffee and buy a new pack, or should they go ahead and brew the ‘expired’ … Read more

Cupping Grind Guide

Coffee cupping is a practice that’s common amongst coffee buyers, roasters, specialists, and baristas as a method of grading different types of coffee before grading it. Coffee lovers can also build upon their coffee knowledge by learning about cupping coffee and the right way to do it. It’s a great way to expand your coffee … Read more

Blonde Espresso Vs. Regular Espresso

Ever walked into your local Starbucks and seen ‘Blonde espresso’ on their menu and were wondering what type of espresso it is? The beverage giant coined the term, but by no means did they invent the beverage. Blonde espresso has been around for years, going by other names such as ‘light roast espresso’ and ‘cinnamon-roast … Read more

Can I Descale My DeLonghi With Vinegar?

Most coffee machine brands sell their own brand-manufactured descaling solutions, which they recommend as the safest and most reliable for descaling their brewers. Delonghi, is no different! Vinegar is a cheaper and more accessible alternative for descaling Delonghi. If used correctly, this natural cleaner will remove limescale deposits from the inner components of your Delonghi … Read more

What is a Skinny Coffee Drink?

A skinny coffee drink, or a skinny latte, is a type of espresso beverage, just like a cappuccino and regular latte. It mainly stems from health considerations and vegan preferences of coffee consumers, who don’t fancy the high-calorie content and use of dairy products in regular lattes. What does skinny latte drink mean? A skinny … Read more

Can Keurig Make Espresso

Espresso is a type of coffee drink made using special types of brewers. It’s not easy to make espresso using single-serve, drip coffee machines like Keurigs. However, with the right kind of Keurig model and the right brewing procedure, you can make espresso using a Keurig. Does Keurig make espresso? Espresso is made by passing … Read more