Is There Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate?

Though beloved by many, original, unflavored coffee can be too intense for some due to its acidic and bitter notes. This is why more and more coffee lovers are taking to coffee drinks that taste like chocolate. The cacao/caramel flavors in chocolate-flavored coffee mask the bitter taste of pure coffee while adding delightfully nutty, full-bodied flavor undertones.

The easiest way to make your coffee taste like chocolate is to buy coffee beans/grounds infused with chocolatey flavors. In addition, specific tips can bring out the natural caramel undertones in your original coffee beans through sourcing and roasting.

What are chocolate notes in coffee?

Some coffee beans have underlying chocolate-like/nutty notes from where they’re grown and roasted. In most cases, nutty coffees also have chocolatey flavor notes.

The coffee beans’ roast level can determine the underlying flavor notes in coffee. The medium-dark roast coffee will most likely carry a chocolatey flavor. Medium roasting allows caramelization of the sugars in the coffee beans, resulting in caramel/chocolate flavors. Coffee beans shouldn’t be roasted longer than necessary, as this will make the chocolate notes too subtle to taste.

4 best coffee that tastes like chocolate

The best coffee products that taste like chocolate include:

i. Maud’s chocolate mocha cappuccino coffee.

ii. Coffee Bean Direct chocolate raspberry-flavored whole bean coffee.

iii. Illy Classico espresso ground coffee.

iv. Folgers Simply Gourmet natural chocolate-flavored ground coffee.

Maud’s chocolate mocha cappuccino coffee

If you love dark chocolate’s rich taste and want to find out what it tastes like when combined with coffee, try Maud’s chocolate mocha cappuccino coffee. The base is 100% Arabica coffee that’s been dark-roasted. Chocolatey flavoring is added to the blend, giving it a full-bodied taste while masking the bitter taste of dark-roast espresso beans.

As it brews, Maud’s chocolate mocha cappuccino coffee emits a pleasant caramel aroma that invigorates the senses. What’s more, Maud’s branch is not only interested in indulging your sense of taste and smell but also in safeguarding the environment. Their pods are recyclable, and the company’s California-based coffee roasting facility is solar-powered.

Coffee Bean Direct chocolate raspberry-flavored whole bean coffee

This whole bean coffee blend from Coffee bean direct combines the nutty flavor of chocolate with the sweet taste of raspberry for a genuinely balanced brew. Also, brewed produces a substantial amount of cream that tastes smooth.

Coffee Bean Direct chocolate raspberry-flavored whole bean coffee is sold in medium-sized 5-pound (80-ounce) bags, ensuring you can brew for a while before restocking while not lasting too long to lose its freshness.

Note: This espresso blend is available in whole bean and ground form, so if you’re about the freshness of your coffee, you might want to go for the flavor of whole beans.

Illy Classico espresso ground coffee

Made with a base of medium-roast coffee, this whole bean pack from Illy Classico is a great way to kick-start your morning if you’re a fan of chocolate-flavored coffee. The chocolate and caramel flavors nicely complement the natural toast cacao flavors in the medium-roast beans, while the orange flavor adds a delightfully sweet and fruity kick.

Illy Classico espresso ground coffee is sold in powdered form, but this has little impact on its shelf life, as the packaging is pressurized to retain its freshness for longer. The flavorful undertones of this 100% coffee come out best in cappuccinos, espressos, and iced lattes.

Note: If you’re huge on sustainability, the Illy brand has been identified as a responsible buyer of coffee beans on multiple occasions.

Folgers Simply Gourmet natural chocolate-flavored ground coffee

If you prefer organic beverages, this coffee blend from Folgers is well worth a try since it doesn’t have any artificial flavors. This coffee blend is infused with natural chocolate flavors and has a rich, chocolatey taste that instantly awakens the senses.

Folgers Simply Gourmet natural chocolate-flavored ground coffee is made from Arabica coffee, which has chocolatey undertones that add to the chocolate-like taste. On the downside, it’s coffee grounds, which don’t retain their freshness for long. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by buying in single packs, only 10 ounces in capacity.

Which is the best roast for coffee that tastes like chocolate?

Medium-dark roast is the best roast level for coffee to taste like chocolate, as the sugars in the coffee caramelize. Light-roast coffee doesn’t realize and won’t taste like chocolate, while dark-roast coffee masks the nutty undertones.

Where to source coffee that tastes like chocolate?

Coffee grown in low-altitude regions of Central and South America (such as in Colombia and Brazil) tend to carry chocolatey notes. By comparison, East African highlands coffee from Kenya and Ethiopia is more fruity and sour in flavor.

Tips for coffee that taste like chocolate

There are a few ways to make your coffee taste chocolate without resorting to chocolate-flavored coffee blends. These include press brewing and making a café mocha.

Use a French press

The brewing method can also highlight or mask the underlying flavor notes in your coffee grounds. For instance, press brewing using a French press brewer will bring out chocolatey/nutty flavors without having to add any chocolate flavoring to the brew.

On the other hand, drip brewing isn’t recommended as it won’t amplify the cacao flavor but instead creates a brew with a more balanced flavor profile.

Make a café mocha

If you fancy coffee with an intense chocolate taste, you should try making a specialty coffee drink called a café mocha.

To make this hot chocolate + espresso blend, mix 2 shots of espresso with 1 ounce of chocolate powder/syrup and steamed milk.

Finally, top off the drink with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Most coffee shops offer café mochas as part of their menus, but if you have an espresso machine with an inbuilt milk frother at home, you can easily make your café mocha.

Note that a café mocha is sweeter, and the coffee taste is more subtle than a regular coffee drink.


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