Can You Use Nespresso Pods Twice?

Reusing Nespresso pods is common practice since it cuts down on expenses while also cutting down environmental plastic waste. When combined with the Nespresso recycling program, Nespresso pod reuse is a great way to be eco-conservative. The good news is that there are multiple ways in which you can reuse Nespresso capsules. Can you reuse … Read more

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

When making cold brew coffee, grind the beans coarsely for proper extraction. Finely-ground coffee will ‘over-extract’ due to the lengthy steeping time, resulting in bitter-tasting coffee. Avoid brewing methods like pour-over that require finely-ground coffee beans and stick to the correct ratio. Generally, for cold brew coffee, the balance should be 1 pound of coffee … Read more

Is There Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate?

Though beloved by many, original, unflavored coffee can be too intense for some due to its acidic and bitter notes. This is why more and more coffee lovers are taking to coffee drinks that taste like chocolate. The cacao/caramel flavors in chocolate-flavored coffee mask the bitter taste of pure coffee while adding delightfully nutty, full-bodied … Read more

How to Clean a Keurig Coffee Maker

There’s always space on the kitchen counter for a coffee maker. Keurig coffee makers have become a mainstay in many households because of their ease of operation and sleek design. They reduce the hassle of using coffee grounds and filters. To keep the machines functional and performing at peak level, you must clean them. It … Read more

Can I Put Baking Soda in Coffee?

You might have heard about the crazy things people put in their coffee. Good ol’ sugar, cinnamon, lemon, and salt. Salt in coffee isn’t half bad, to be honest. Baking soda is new, though. Baking soda is not a common ingredient when brewing a cup of Joe. However, coffee can have acidity and harsh flavors. Like … Read more

Coffee Roast Level: Which One is Better?

The smell of fresh coffee in the morning is enough to get you out of bed in the morning. And that first sip gets you excited about the day ahead. But did you know the roast level of your coffee beans accounts for the taste, boldness, and health benefits of the coffee? We’re ranking roast … Read more