Can I Put Baking Soda in Coffee?

You might have heard about the crazy things people put in their coffee. Good ol’ sugar, cinnamon, lemon, and salt. Salt in coffee isn’t half bad, to be honest. Baking soda is new, though. Baking soda is not a common ingredient when brewing a cup of Joe. However, coffee can have acidity and harsh flavors. Like … Read more

Macchiato vs Cortado: Whats the Differences?

A macchiato is an espresso coffee beverage that consists of a pulled/extracted espresso topped with a dash or spot of a smooth milk foam floating on top. Is also referred to as café macchiato or espresso macchiato Origin. Macchiato is basically believed to have been originated from Italy.  The word macchiato is an Italian word … Read more

Why Is Coffee Called a “Cup of Joe”?

Why is coffee called a cup of Joe?

Coffee goes by many nicknames, bean juice, java, brew, and the most common, a cup of Joe.  The origin of the phrase cup of Joe remains uncertain as there are different stories around it. Like many origin stories, there are different tales about why coffee is called a cup of Joe. The most common theory … Read more

What is Cortado Coffee? With Recipe for Making a Cortado

A “Cortado” is a Spanish word that comes from the word ‘cortar’ which means to CUT. By cutting refers to milk slicing through the espresso. Cortado coffee constitutes milk and espresso as the major components. An espresso is a concentrated coffee solution that exhibits distinct characteristics such as sweetness, bitterness, body, and acidity. Cortado coffee … Read more

Coffee Roast Level: Which One is Better?

The smell of fresh coffee in the morning is enough to get you out of bed in the morning. And that first sip gets you excited about the day ahead. But did you know the roast level of your coffee beans accounts for the taste, boldness, and health benefits of the coffee? We’re ranking roast … Read more

Dark Roast vs Light Roast Coffee

“Coffee is coffee,” said no real coffee lover, ever. Everyone has their definition of ‘the best coffee.’ And many of those opinions come from the type of coffee roast they have. While most coffee experts will tell you to have a medium roast, we’ll check out the nuances that set apart the extremes. We’re comparing … Read more