Keurig Descaling Solution Ingredients

If the ‘descale’ light on your Keurig brewer comes on, it means that it’s time to rid the machine of limescale buildup. However, many Keurig owners usually don’t know what product(s) to use as a descaling solution. It’s not uncommon to hear of Keurig owners using the wrong ingredients, such as ammonia, to clean their … Read more

How to Turn off Auto off on Keurig

It can be quite frustrating when your Keurig keeps turning off automatically a few minutes after the last brew. Even worse is when you’re dying for a cup of coffee but your Keurig keeps turning itself off mid-brew. Both of these auto turn-off issues can be fixed using various methods and strategies. Why does my … Read more

Why Is Keurig Leaking Water When Heating?

Keurig’s convenience as a quick coffee-brewing machine can quickly turn into frustration when it starts leaking water and you find yourself having to wipe up water droplets on your kitchen counter every so often. Even worse, the leaking water poses an electrocution risk and may also cause the brewer to rust. Causes of Keurig water … Read more

Should I Leave My Keurig on All the Time?

Leaving your Keurig machine plugged in and turned on can be energy-inefficient if you don’t use the brewer often, but is recommended for frequent coffee drinkers. Ultimately, the answer as to whether you should leave your Keurig on all the time depends on how many times you brew coffee per day. Are you supposed to … Read more

Keurig Says Descale But Won‘t Brew

Whenever Keurig parts become clogged by lime deposits or dirt that impedes water flow, the machine may not brew full cups or may not brew at all. Keurig’s are designed to show a ‘descale’ light whenever water flow is restricted by scale and grime buildup inside the internal components. Whenever the ‘descale’ light is on, … Read more

How Often Should You Clean Your Keurig? (+Maintainance)

The quality of your coffee can be affected by the sanitary levels of the brewer components.  As such, your Keurig coffee maker should be cleaned and maintained regularly to maintain normal functioning. The best way to clean and maintain Keurig Different parts of your Keurig brewer have different cleaning requirements, as detailed below. Clean the … Read more

How Often to Change Keurig Filter

If you’re a coffee enthusiast with a Keurig coffee maker, then you know that despite its excellent brewing capabilities, other factors can still affect the quality of your beverage. One of these is an old charcoal water filter that’s full of dirt particles and debris. Timely filter replacement is mandatory if you wish to continue … Read more

How to Clean a Keurig Coffee Maker

There’s always space on the kitchen counter for a coffee maker. Keurig coffee makers have become a mainstay in many households because of their ease of operation and sleek design. They reduce the hassle of using coffee grounds and filters. To keep the machines functional and performing at peak level, you must clean them. It … Read more